About Me

"I am amazed" is what I mostly hear from my clients after our first session.  I have never had a client who did not feel different after their session with me. Many heal deeply and quickly.  

Why did I become an energy healer?  Well, it wasn't on purpose. I never sat down and said, "hey I want to be an energy healer". Energy healing, I would say, found me. I would heal myself as a child. Not really knowing what I was doing, I would heal myself using a technique that I have since perfected, but was close to what I do now. 

I used to get really bad abscessed teeth.  YIKES, I had to have one removed.  After going through that, I knew I never wanted that to happen again.  I got another abscessed tooth but this time, I healed it myself. The next day all the pain was gone. By the end of the day the inflammation was gone. After that, having cold/flu/strep throat many times, I healed them all. 

But as you get older and society tells you that such things are impossible, you start to believe them --and I did. So I stopped trying to heal myself and just relied on Doctors. 

Fast forward to 2010 -- I resigned from teaching because of stress. My health tanked -- with Lyme disease, adrenal exhaustion, Gluten intolerance, several other food allergies, Hashimotos disease and severe hormonal imbalance.  I felt horrible and had a hard time even walking across our living room floor. I went to several doctors, all of them expensive (at this time you needed a "specialist" to help with the Lyme).  Then I gave up on them -- on to a specialist for hormones, they put me on three different medicines which I wanted to avoid at all costs. I did change my diet which helped, and I got as much rest as I could, but I was still not healing all the way, there was a piece missing. I knew that it was out there somewhere.  
I am a voracious reader and researcher, so on that adventure I went.  I "bumped" into The Emotion Code -- It put energy healing into context for me. I learned about it, incorporated it with what I already knew and it worked -- it worked well.  

I felt a change in me for the better. So I became certified in the modality.  I have also studied under several other healers who are all brilliant.  I've taken away from each of them what I have found works best for my clients and myself. 

I have healed, I no longer take any medications, I feel years younger. And, to this day, I continue to search for new ways to incorporate even more versatility into my practice so my clients can heal safely, quickly, and easily. 

-- Lisa