Personal Testimony

My own personal testimony:

In the past I had many health issues; Lyme disease, Hashimoto's, hormonal imbalance and severe gluten intolerance. I was on bio-identical hormones (progesterone and estrogen) and medicine for the Hashimoto's. My doctor said I would be on those for all of my life. I was not happy to hear this. I was not happy with how badly I felt. I wanted to live life the best I could and enjoy every minute of it.

Several times when I was younger and not really knowing what I was doing, I had healed myself from abscesses in my teeth and from colds whenever I would get them. I continued to heal myself and family from colds and headaches when I got older but I didn't have any kind of a set method to it. I also didn't realize how powerful energy healing could be.

I have healed from all of my health problems. I am off all of my medications. I now take only a quality multi-vitamin. I was spending about $200 per month on just medicine and supplements before. I also feel 20 years younger.

I have also added to my practice, transforming the Trapped Emotions that are removed to prosperity and love or whatever the client desires. Below is an example:

I was working on some issues for my daughter, she was at work. While I was working on her and transforming the energy to prosperity, her boss walked up to her and handed her $500 (she is in sales management, so it isn't unheard of, but rare). Another employee walked up and handed her a milkshake (her favorite.) She immediately text messaged me and said, “Have you been working on me?" and then told me what had happened.

-- Lisa Glennie ~ Deep Healing LLC