Why Energy Healing is Such a Good Thing?

Why Energy healing is such a good thing?

What I do as an energy healer, has been done in different cultures throughout the world for thousands of years.  Modern man/woman has just started to catch up with those old, wise cultures.  I have learned  a few of them and incooprated their incredibley effective methods into my practice, while customizing them enough to offer what works best for my clients.
This is not a general surface type of energy healing, this goes deep and specifically to what the issue is.  It finds the underlying causes for the illnesses and ailments that we are experiencing.  

That is what I really like about the work that I am doing, it gets to the root of the problem and not just the surface symptoms.  If you just take care of the sympltoms, the problem will come back. If you fix the cause, the effects goes away for good.